25 August 2007

And so it begins...

Well, we're off. The first three of our four continents in the next five months. We start the trip, appropriately, with the Lucky Star Chinatown Bus Company, to Boston.

Here's our final itinerary. The blue stuff is done by air; the red stuff by trains and buses, camels and boats. OK, maybe not camels. We promise to post pictures.

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Joanne said...

Mark and Peggy, Crikey! ;0) This looks like an awsome trip. It's a pity you fly past the top of the UK but it looks like you're managing to fit plenty other exciting stops in! Have a wonderful time and keep each other safe. Looking forward to reading about your adventures. Jo

Chris said...

OK, you stumped me. I thought you were going to western Africa. Is that after your trip around the world? -BGG