11 November 2007

Thank you

First, let us simply say thank you. A full 85% of the money we need to get us to Africa has either been pledged or already donated. We're amazingly humbled. Thank you to all of you who have believed in our little mission.

That said, I realize it's been a while since we've posted anything about any sort of Hope and Healing. This has become essentially a travel blog. I apologize for that...the reason, mainly, is that where we're going to be is still up in the air, so a lot of our preparations have been put on hold. Mercy Ships is still negotiating with the new government of Sierra Leone to allow us to go there, and I check my e-mail frequently with hopes of any news.

As it stands, the only thing we know for sure is that our start date in Africa has been pushed back a week—into early February—while these negotiations continue. Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana, or elsewhere in Africa are all possibilities.

So, we'll keep you posted as soon as we find out about anything.

And, speaking of donations, if you're in the mood for doing so in a different way, check out FreeRice.com. It's a word quiz, sponsored by some amazingly large corporations, that donates rice through the UN for however good your vocabulary is. The words aren't easy (I have no idea what a weald is), but the concept is great. And you'll be amazed at how many words you thought you knew.

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